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Global Speakers Coaching Program (6 weeks)

Global Speakers Coaching Program (6 weeks)

500,000.00 250,000.00


Every speaker has a message. Not every speaker’s message is heard enough!

Majority of public speakers, thought leaders, consultants and coaches desire to stretch beyond their national boundaries and reach the world with their message. Every speaker has a desire to spread their message to diverse sets of audiences around the world- physically. There is a limit social media can provide with regards your message reaching certain audiences. While some wouldn’t mind interacting with your content virtually, others would prefer a physical event where they can connect and engage with the resource persons or speakers.


A global speaker is one who reaches their audience around the world through live physical events. There are three ways to go about this;

First, you could get invited by event organisers to share your message or your story to engage their audiences. Second, you could decide to submit an application to event/conference organisers anywhere in the world. Should you be approved, then you would be given an opportunity to share your message with their audience. Finally, you could decide to produce and host your own events all over the world.

Each of these routes requires a special type of strategy and skill set to be successful. It is highly recommended you are thoroughly equipped with the required insights in order to go global with your message or your story.


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